Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Twiistup 5 - Showoffs Announced

Damn we didn't get the nod for a showoff this time around, whooo I wanted that one bad!!! That's OK I am going to keep it moving and launch Feb 1. I was going to the event regardless, it just would have been icing on the cake if we got picked. I think we didn't get it because the site was not completely up and running. Twiistup 6 is in the summer, so I am going to apply again, but this time the site will be full functionally.

At any rate, wifey and I are going to LA for a few days on Valentine's day weekend to do some networking in the LA techie community and enjoying sunny california, can't wait it will be a blast.

Look at who they picked, only 10 out of 100, pretty exclusive list.

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