Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BIG Ideas

When trying to come up with the next big idea on the Internet you have to keep in touch with anything new on the web. I have been going to every day for about a year, it is a great resource for articles about the web 2.0 revolution and web startup companies.

I have never been short on big ideas, but I always fall short on EXECUTION. True story, I had an idea about creating an e-card in which you could send to friends and family and let them sign almost 18 months ago. I knew it was huge because I couldn't find any other website that did the same thing. Long story short, I waited to late to execute the idea and a company called beat me to the punch. Don't get me wrong you don't have to be the first to market all the time but it sure does help.

I guess you win some and you loose some. If you think you have a BIG IDEA go after it and make sure you EXECUTE and bring it to market. I decided to write this entry after I learned on mashable that GroupCard was chosen as one of the 5 companies that received a 225k grant from Facebook from it's FBFund which looks for great apps that make the world more social. (man I knew that was a huge idea).


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