Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Almost Gone

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I had a fantastic holiday, spent time with friends and family and literally unplugged (no email, no coding, nothing closely related to work). I got more of the same this week with New Years on the horizon. No really big plans expect spending time with wifey, this is one of my favorite times of the year. I reflect on the past year for lessoned learned and prepare for the next year.

2009 probably will be the most exciting ever! I hate to say it but 2009 will probably make or break the notion of me taking over a corner of the internet and becoming a self made millionaire. There is a lot going on and I will keep you abreast as things develop. Major milestone projects for 2009 include the following; I won't bother with the small ones.

  • Launching our quilt site in Feb.
  • Releasing a killer Smartphone application for the iPhone, gPhone, and blackberry.
  • Launching new tax system for the state of GA for the alcohol and tobacco division.

Happy New Year to everyone and make sure you cherish time with family and friends.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Twiistup 5 - Showoffs Announced

Damn we didn't get the nod for a showoff this time around, whooo I wanted that one bad!!! That's OK I am going to keep it moving and launch Feb 1. I was going to the event regardless, it just would have been icing on the cake if we got picked. I think we didn't get it because the site was not completely up and running. Twiistup 6 is in the summer, so I am going to apply again, but this time the site will be full functionally.

At any rate, wifey and I are going to LA for a few days on Valentine's day weekend to do some networking in the LA techie community and enjoying sunny california, can't wait it will be a blast.

Look at who they picked, only 10 out of 100, pretty exclusive list.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BIG Ideas

When trying to come up with the next big idea on the Internet you have to keep in touch with anything new on the web. I have been going to every day for about a year, it is a great resource for articles about the web 2.0 revolution and web startup companies.

I have never been short on big ideas, but I always fall short on EXECUTION. True story, I had an idea about creating an e-card in which you could send to friends and family and let them sign almost 18 months ago. I knew it was huge because I couldn't find any other website that did the same thing. Long story short, I waited to late to execute the idea and a company called beat me to the punch. Don't get me wrong you don't have to be the first to market all the time but it sure does help.

I guess you win some and you loose some. If you think you have a BIG IDEA go after it and make sure you EXECUTE and bring it to market. I decided to write this entry after I learned on mashable that GroupCard was chosen as one of the 5 companies that received a 225k grant from Facebook from it's FBFund which looks for great apps that make the world more social. (man I knew that was a huge idea).


Monday, December 8, 2008


I would like to welcome everyone to my blog to document my attempt to take over a small corner of the internet. You may ask how does one take over a small corner of the internet? In my case through software, I own a small software consulting company with a few million dollar ideas.

I officially broke the silence of a 8 month old project (WeLoveYouBlanket) by applying to be a 'Tech Showoff' company for Twiistup 5 in LA. The project consists of collaboration software that helps family and friends build a family heirloom for newborns and toddlers. We are set to launch Feb 2009, more to come, as this week applicants could possible know if you are picked as a 'Tech Showoff'.

Other happenings this week, trying to secure another possible .NET contract, finishing up a project for Glory Foods, preparing for a big meeting with a possible manufacturer for the blanket/quilt project, wrapping up a subcontract project that I was helping my brother out with, lastly helping out with the business plan of yet another potential million dollar idea (more to come).

Sounds crazy, it is or at least maybe I am. Stay plugged in for updates as my quest to take over a corner of the internet continues......