Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Next Generation" Smartphones

Whew, the new year started off where 2008 left off...BUSY. At any rate last week Palm debut the new Pre at CES. Another Smartphone with an awesome touch interface, the phone is not available until later this qtr or next qtr.

So the table is set...4 major cell phone carriers have these "next generation" Smartphones.

T-Mobile - gPhone (Google Android)
Sprint - Palm Pre
ATT - IPhone
Verizon - Blackberry Touch

I also might add that all platforms will eventually have the infamous app store. Palm and Blackbery announced late last year to be on the lookout for its app store/market/whatever you want to call it. I didn't even mention Chinese Mobile is set to release a Google android handset, one of the largest mobile providers in China.

What does this mean, this is probably a once in a life time deal for software application developers. The sky is the limit with everyone predicting the Iphone to have 30 million plus handsets in the market by 2010 and the gphone has more than 1.5 million handset in 5 months of it's initial launch, blackberry has like 7 - 10 millions users (I think). I could go on and on. My point is that this is defiantly a way to take a corner of the internet. All of these handsets touch the internet in some way form or fashion. I just want 2% of all these users...hehe

Stay tuned for some exciting updates coming in the next month!

BTW if anyone has any cool ideas for a mobile phone application drop me a note. I am sure we can work out a deal :-)


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