Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dream Team

After finally getting a blueprint on how to effectively launch a startup, I search through my resources, professional network, friends, and family and finally found a dream team.

Yes, I have found 2 rockstars to help compliment myself as "WE" try to take over the a corner of the internet. I have learned from experience as well as many blog sites about startups is that you can't do it alone.

Biz/Product Guy - A very good friend of 25 years that has 10 years experience in marketing that includes product brands, brand awareness, social media, and marketing budgets upwards of 7 million..and oh I ton of connections.

Software Guy #2 - A Flash rockstar with over 10+ years experience. The stuff he does is jaw dropping. He focuses mainly on the UI part

Software Guy #1 - Yours truly, I too have 10+ year in software development with major software consulting firms. I will focus on the infrastructure and back end.

We are in stealth mode and trying to get a POC of our soon to be flagship product. The only thing I can tell you that it is around Real-Time streams!!!!


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